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Why should I use Urban Referrals?

Simply put, we help alleviate the stress involved in finding and hiring quality home remodeling companies and general contractors.   Urban Referrals has been providing referrals to home improvement companies since 2002.

We’ve matched thousands of happy customers with professional general contractors and home remodeling companies in our network.  73% of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals to our service.  We believe this is a testament to our personalized service, attention to detail and great customer service.  We set and adhere to high standards for ourselves and for the individuals and companies we recommend.

What makes you different from Angie’s List and the other “referral” sites out there?

There are many ways to find a general contractor for your project.  Some find utilizing “self-service” sites that compile your neighbors’ opinions but do little to verify accuracy to be convenient.   Urban Referrals has built their network of contractors using over 20 years of construction and project management experience.  Our approach is personalized and we are available to answer questions, give advice and work with you to make your home improvement project as successful as it can be. We offer three convenient ways of communicating with us:

Are all the contractor’s you refer professionally licensed and insured?

We verify all licensing and insurance, personally meet with each contractor, contact three current customers and two trade references, check on the contractor’s status with the Office of Consumer Affairs and Better Business Bureau and continuously gather feedback from clients that meet with the companies in our network.

Is there a fee for receiving referrals from Urban Referrals?

There is no cost to the consumer to use our service.

How does Urban Referrals make money?

Urban Referrals is considered an outsourced sales and marketing team to the companies in our network.

Should I refer my friends/neighbors to Urban Referrals or to the company I used through your network?

It is in everyone’s best interest to contact Urban Referrals for each project, even if you’d like to hire a company that you’ve used in the past.  That way you can be assured that the person referred has maintained their professional certifications, licenses and insurance; has not changed the services they offer; and that there have been no complaints filed against them.

I have already received three estimates from contractors but want a few more as I need to make sure I get the lowest price, can Urban Referrals help me?

When comparing estimates from contractors, you must make sure what you’re comparing is “apples to apples”.  Are the contractors all licensed and insured?  Are they providing like materials and services?  How about timeline and warranties?  Urban Referrals is not the best fit for consumers that have already met with and collected several estimates from contractors outside our network.  We have top quality contractors who offer excellent service and charge accordingly.  In most cases our contractors will not be the lowest price or the highest when compared to other out-of-network bids.

 If there is a problem, do I contact Urban Referrals or the contractor?

We encourage all our clients to communicate directly with their contractors.  If that doesn’t resolve the issue, contact Urban Referrals. While the contractors do not directly work for Urban Referrals, and we cannot guarantee their work, we are here to help you and do our best to assist with any challenges.

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